Our Company

For the last twelve years HWM has existed in this composition, we have however been active in television and event management for over 25 years. We are specialized in lighting design and execution for television programs as well as turn-key solutions for events. Furthermore, we do not shy away from collaborating with other AVL companies. We work for a small but loyal group of clients; some have been with us for over 18 years


For them we design light, deco, stage, and atmosphere concepts which we execute worldwide. 60% of our work is international, with over 1500 shows and events delivered by our amazing team

Turn Key Productions

Detailed Pre Production:

Project management of all components such as assets, timelines, host & Keynote speaker engagement

Remote Production & Self-tapping::

Remote directing talent via video conferencing platforms while telent records oneself on phone or with our webcam and lighting packages

Small In-person crews:

Small crews sent to location of choice, weather that be a personal home or studio, with adherence to establish safety protocols

Live Streaming:

Stream pre-recording and editing content or live event to streaming platform of choice

Graphics and Animations:

Custom graphics packages, animated interstitials, and title cards

Comprehensive Editing:

editing of all components into cohesive event, compliant with streaming platform specs