“A great event is like a beautiful leather-bound book.

When it is finished, you place it in the bookcase and every time you walk past and see the bound back of the book, you remember the event and smile”

HWM consists of three divisions:

A technical and creative production company which offers full service for turn-key productions

A AVL company specialised in lighting design, camerawork and content creation

A Production Company we will take your event from the drawing board to a successful experience. Arranging: Location scouting, Accommodation, F&B, Budgeting, full-service supplier management and team networking events

We are a international Company, with 60% of our clients based outside of The Netherlands.

Content and video division:

We can produce streaming events, corporate film, decors, (wide) screen background images, logo’s and complete presentations in PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi.We always produce high quality, eye catching, personalized tailor-made content.

Production Company:

We will take your event from the drawing board and turn it in to a successful experience, with challenging designs and professionally executed.We can arrange your: Location scouting, Accommodation, F&B, Budgeting, Full-service supplier management and Team networking events.

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Clients In Control

HWM is certainly capable of leaving our clients in control, our strength however lies in working together as a team.

We can manage and execute your event both creatively and technically.

20 Years In The Making

We have a small but dedicated clientele, most of whom have been with us for over 20 years. This has given us the opportunity to mange and execute events both national and international

HWM is an organization that works on creating memories.

We always ask our clients:

“Are we the executors of your event? Or are we your partner in producing the event?”.


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